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Grafitti removed from Ages of The Tweed mural

Last Thursday (Feb. 17th), two Earth Learning volunteers spent the morning removing a variety of grafitti tags written over the Ages of The Tweed mural, which is part of the Murwillumbah Riverbank Restoration and Open-air Gallery.

Implements of choice by taggers included pencils, ballpoint pens, texters, and permanent markers, through to spray paint and glitter pens.

Some of the tags were quite artistic and thoughtful, while other grafitti tags were not as sophisticated.

Adrienne's and Jo-Ann's efforts were rewarded with much of the offending material that was tackled, being effectively removed using well known Australian "So Safe" grafitti removal gel, without damaging the underlying mural image paint.

The job isn't done yet, with another day or so likely needed to complete removal of the remaining grafitti, and touch ups to some sections.

Art is Art, Damage is Damage...

Know the Difference....

Prior to the Ages of The Tweed mural being done, the river side of the levee was a legal grafitti wall, and is still designated as such on various online and social media.

An Earth Learning volunteer is researching and following up with the web sites and social media accounts to amend any mentions. While it might not prevent other grafitti tagging in future, it's hoped that word will get around, and tagging incidents will be reduced.

And please note that there is still a legal grafitti section of the Murwillumbah levee wall, along the riverside, south of the Ages of The Tweed mural, looking toward Mount Warning/Wollumbin.

You can't mistake it. There is some wonderful street art along the grafitti wall section.

For budding street artists and grafitti artists reading this, if you want to show off your street art skills, contact Tony at Pharside Skate Shop, located in the Imperial Hotel building opposite the Post Office in Main Street.

He will allocate a spot for you, and ensure it's all good with Tweed Shire Council.

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