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Raffle will be drawn tomorrow August 3rd

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Earth Learning will draw the raffle with 3 prizes, tomorrow the 3rd of August, at the Murwillumbah Farmers Market, at approximately 10.50am-11am.

This raffle includes a first prize of hard cover edition of "Earth Alive! From Microbes to a Living Planet" by Mary E White, valued at $50 retail.

"From the first bacterial `Germ of Life' cells that formed in the hot, hostile and highly volcanic Earth nearly four billion years ago, to the present day, Life has been an unbroken continuum.

Earth Alive! gives a new perspective and reveals the significance of Life's bacterial ancestry, and the continuing enormous importance of the invisible world of micro-organisms that still sustain the living Earth."

Second prize is a copy of "Gold. Hastings finds a Rainforest Friend" by Jan Stadermann, valued at $25.

Hastings river mouse finds 'GOLD' and sets off in search of a friend to share her find.

Set in the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, readers will encounter a handful of the amazing creatures which make up a tiny fraction of our living treasures.

The book has been beautifully written and illustrated by children's author Jane Stadermann with contributions and endorsement from Earth Learning.

Third prize is a DVD about the Tweed Valley's own "Man of the Trees", Bruce Chick, by local film maker Graeme Cooney.

"Born and bred Murwillumbah local Graeme Cooney was so inspired by the late Bruce Chick, known around the Tweed and beyond as the Man of the Trees, that he decided to make a film about him while he was still alive.

But when Graeme, an amateur short filmmaker and musician, embarked on the project seven years ago, he thought it would take him around six months to complete a 30-minute film."

The Echo: Tweed’s Man of the Trees immortalised, published 8/3/2012.

So if you'd like to win one of these wonderful prizes, come along to Murwillumbah Farmers Market tomorrow, find us and buy a ticket.

The raffle will be drawn near the close of trade, and winners informed if not in attendence.

Murwillumbah Farmers Market photo J Palmer.

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