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Pelican Preening raffle prize draw

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

After many months of popup stands at Murwillumbah Farmers' Market, tickets sold and awareness raised, the raffle has been drawn.

Thanks to Lee for drawing the ticket, and making the announcement.

And the winner is .....


From the Murwillumbah YHA. Congrats Tassie!

Adrienne holding the tickets, Lee with the winning ticket, and Marion holding Pelican Preening, drawn at the Murwillumbah Farmers Market, on Wednesday April 27th.

Funds raised go to the Myrtle Rust Disease Rescue Project.

"Earth Learning Australia is NSW National Parks licenced to collect Rhodamnia rubescens (Scrub Turpentine) and Rhodomyrtus psidoides (the Native Guava).

Once regarded as common, these species are now listed as Critically Endangered in the wild due to Myrtle Rust, which is wind blown, and reaching all lowland and highland areas of the Tweed/ Border Ranges, reducing the plant's ability to flower, fruit and reproduce."

Many Thanks to Linda Murray for her generous prize donation, and Sue at Murwillumbah Farmers Market, for providing Earth Learning Australia with a "pop up" stall spot.

Special Thanks to Marion Riordan for her tireless work in establishing the project, writing funding proposals, attending conferences and workshops, doing project presentations, working with Limpinwood Botanic Gardens & Nursery for seedlings bank and management, and getting the ex-situ rescue locations included in the project. (Phew!)

A special shout out to Lui Weber for his work in scaling the heights and cliffs, identifying and recovering healthy specimens for the project.

Thanks also Adrienne Weber for her ongoing hard work attending Limpinwood Nursery along with Marion and other volunteers to tend to the recovered species, and with Jo-Ann Palmer, for being at the farmers market pop up to raise awareness and sell tickets.

And finally, thanks to all the people who bought tickets to help with the project.

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1: Tassie with Pelican Preening on the balcony at the hostel

2. L to R: Erwin Weber, Tassie, Adrienne Weber and Marion Riodan

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